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A weed grinder is an essential tool to break down dried cannabis flowers into smaller, smokable bits. These handy utensils may look simple, but they’re critical infrastructure for your cannabis prep. Not only do they make your prep less time-consuming and less sticky, they also ensure that no precious buds go to waste. Breaking up your weed by hand or with scissors is not only tedious and frustrating but also wasteful - weed broken up in this way produces differently sized chunks, resulting in an uneven, inconsistent burn. Even worse, the delicate and highly potent trichomes that break off, known as kief, end up on your hands or your scissors instead of being collected. A grinder, by contrast, will grind your herb to a smooth, fluffy consistency that burns evenly, in addition to catching the precious kief, which you can collect and store for later use. The best grinder will do so with just a few easy twists.

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